Sharon Yerman established the company twenty years ago specialising in migration to New Zealand. Furthermore, Sharon was the first person on the African continent to be licensed by the New Zealand Government Immigration Advisers Authority.

We also have a second fully licensed immigration adviser – Sanjeev Singh. Sanjeev (Sanj) is our new addition to the team – a Licensed Immigration Adviser with 5 years’ experience in the immigration industry. In his relatively short time in immigration, he has already achieved a few accolades to be proud of, such as:

  • First graduate from the African continent to pass the Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Immigration Advice (Level 7), of which he studied through the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.
  • First offshore-based adviser from South Africa to be selected for the Immigration Advisors Authority’s (IAA) Reference Group for the 2014 year (during this year, he was the ONLY offshore-based Licensed Immigration Adviser selected from around the world to serve on the Reference Group)
    It is excellent to have him on board, especially when one considers that Sharon was the first person to be licensed in Africa

We have launched this website to aid those clients that require a job to qualify them to immigrate to New Zealand via the current Skilled Migrant Policy. Our new www.NZMS is intended to help all concerned understand this policy and the procedures involved.

This tool is not intended to give definitive insight into the entire process. It has been designed for use as a general guideline as to what is required. We hope it will be of help to our clients with their very stressful all important job searches.

Recent statistics show that over 90% of those who meet the requirements to immigrate to New Zealand via the Skilled Migrant Policy require Jobs to qualify them.

We have learnt over the years that although we understand the process there are many people in the chain that understandably do not, we hope that will offer this assistance.