Our company has a proud track record of 28 years in assisting clients in emigrating to New Zealand.  Whilst the process is very familiar to us, the information provided below is here to help you, our prospective client, on your Skilled Migrant journey to New Zealand.

This tool is intended to give those who qualify and are considering skilled migration to New Zealand the information they require to understand the process ahead. It has been designed for use as a general guideline as to what is required. We hope it will be of help to our clients as they embark on this migration adventure and the very stressful but all important job search process. Recent statistics show that over 90% of those who meet the requirements to immigrate to New Zealand via the Skilled Migrant Policy require offers of employment to qualify.

We have learnt over the years that although we understand the process there are many people in the chain that understandably do not, we hope that will offer this assistance to both our clients and their potential employers.